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You will find these suites in a quiet private area of Venice.
This historic palace has been wonderfully restored with a luxurious, elegant decor. It is found in a quiet street of the “Mercerie“ where you will find all the greatest shopping in Venice as you cross over bridges with the sounds of the canal lapping on the sides of the old Venetian Buildings.

The suites are located just 24 meters form the famous Clock tower (Torre dell’Orologio) the entrance to Saint Mark’s Square.
The suites have been tastefully decorated with elegance and well put together color schemes, all recalling the period of the ‘700’s. The suites offer travelers comfortable well services accommodations and are ideal for larger families travelling who need more room.

The History
The suites get their name from the Torre del’Orologio that overlooks Saint Mark’s Square, which is most likely the most well known Clock tower in the world after Big Ben in London. The tower is so famous because of its location on one of the most visited streets in Venice. The origins of the clock date back to the year 1493 when the Serenissima Republic asked Giancarlo Raniere to specially make a moving clock that would show the hour and also the movements of the moon and the sun. The tower was built to accommodated a new clock and was built at a later time somewhere between the dates of 1496 and 1499. From around the same time the Mori statues were added, who hit the chimes of time on the bell. And during the week of the Ascension that occurs once a year, the statues of the Re Magi together with an angel, there is a special mechanism that moves them over to the Madonna with child, above the square of the clock. The tower is at present being restored.

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All Suites Torre Dell'Orologio, San Marco, 202/A Calle dei Baloni - Venice

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